Pat is proud to have the official support of the following elected officials, citizens and organizations.

When I met my new neighbors, Pat and Sandy Dent, a little over a year ago in our new townhome development, it became clear that the retiring Fire Chief of Williamsburg is a person who has served his community admirably his entire career.  He expressed a willingness to help resolve some of the issues that always surface in a new development.  Pat is a caring neighbor who can be depended on to tackle the difficult challenges we surely will encounter in the City in the coming years as we recover from the shutdown.  With 38 years of public safety service and the past ten years in management at the Williamsburg Fire Department, he is eminently qualified to serve on the Williamsburg City Council and will continue in his tradition of being promptly responsive to our citizens.  


I strongly endorse his election to City Council on May 19.

Elizabeth B. Keller
Williamsburg Resident

I am very fortunate to call Patrick Dent my Williamsburg neighbor and friend. I met Patrick and Sandy, his wife while walking my dog in our new neighborhood almost two years ago. After picking up nails, litter, and debris he had bagged, he offered a warm smile and friendly handshake. That kind and helpful nature is just part of his character. But Pat also watches the traffic in our area to make sure those that live here are safe.  

When the neighborhood had its first HOA meeting, Pat had brought some ideas and concerns to the meeting, and some research that was helpful in understanding the best outcomes. Respectfully, he presented many issues worthy of interest and concern to the HOA board. I appreciated his positive leadership and ability to represent so many of us so well.

Last summer, when I was overcome with grief at the loss of a family member, Pat took it upon himself to initiate a yard cleanup and worked with another neighbor most of the day. His time and labor reflected amazing character only to be surpassed by his compassion for others.  Williamsburg would do well with Patrick Dent in office.

Dianne Kinnaird
Williamsburg Resident

The City Council election on May 19 provides an opportunity for Williamsburg voters to consider what kind of community response they want as we deal with and recover from the social and economic devastation wrought by the current pandemic.

There are two candidates that bring fresh perspectives and exciting new ideas to the table: Pat Dent and Caleb Rogers.

Having worked with Pat Dent, I have the deepest respect and admiration for his exceptional leadership skills, his experienced ability to assess options and to make unbiased decisions, and his genuine concern for others. All you have to do is talk with someone who has served with Pat or has been touched by his humanity to understand what a gifted individual he is. Pat Dent knows and loves our city.

Caleb Rogers represents the young professionals who are our future and whose energy and enthusiasm will make that future brighter for us all. Caleb has important experience with and knowledge of the city. His time as an intern with the City’s Economic Development Office and his service on the City’s Planning Commission, where he dealt with land-use issues and annually reviewed and made recommendations concerning the Capital Improvement Budget, means he can hit the ground running as a new council member. Anyone who has spoken with Caleb comes away with a sense that he is exactly what City Council needs as we move forward.

I urge you to vote for Pat Dent and Caleb Rogers.

Clyde Haulman
Former Mayor of Williamsburg

Everyone I talked to about Pat Dent running for City Council was pleased to hear the news. He is a well-known and respected former fire chief of Williamsburg. He has served the city well as his past responsibilities took him to every corner of our town and routinely dealt with every city department.

However, in order for Pat Dent to be successful in his campaign, we all have to vote on May 19.

There are four candidates running for the three open seats. Pat’s success is dependent on a high turnout of city residents at the polls. The commitment by every resident to cast a vote on Election Day for Pat Dent will ensure a good balance of experience and expertise on our City Council.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Board of Elections has taken steps to make voting easier. This includes:

1. Easier qualifying for an absentee ballot;

2. Simple curb-side voting at the Municipal Building; and

3. Drive-thru voting at the Fire Station on Election Day.

Therefore, we must have a great turnout from all residents, if we want to give Pat a chance to be on our City Council. Please plan on voting May 19 and cast one of your three votes for Pat Dent.

Jim Joseph
Williamsburg Resident

I served on Williamsburg City Council from 2004 until 2008 and as a result of that service, I know the dedication and commitment it takes to make yourself available to the citizens. You must have a willingness to listen, learn, and give thoughtful consideration to important issues and concerns.

Pat Dent has all of the above qualities and a host of other characteristics that make him a solid candidate for your consideration. Pat is a proven leader and has been a devoted servant of our community.

His knowledge of our city will be invaluable to council and the citizens of Williamsburg.

As a local businessman, I have sought his counsel in the past when he was our fire chief and found his assistance logical, helpful, and respectful. It is also important to note that as fire chief, Pat helped the city of Williamsburg remain fiscally responsible, managing to live within its means while maintaining a wonderful quality of life for its residents.

I expect him to deliver the same level of commitment to citizens once he is elected into office. It is based upon my observations and interactions with Pat Dent that I support his bid to serve on City Council.

Mickey Chohany
Williamsburg Business Owner/Former City Councilman

I was so delighted to hear that our former City of Williamsburg Fire Chief, Pat Dent is running for Williamsburg City Council. Pat has an impeccable reputation for community service.

During his entire 38-year career he has given unselfishly of himself, to protect the residents and visitors of his communities: 28 years with the city of Newport News Fire Department and 10 years with the city of Williamsburg Fire Department.

I have known Pat for the past 10 years and can testify that Pat is one of the kindest, most caring people I have ever known. He has always put the well-being of his community first. As a member of the Williamsburg City Council, I know Pat will continue to serve the residents of our city, with the same compassion and thoughtfulness that he has given to his communities these last 38 years!

Please join me in voting for Pat Dent, for City Council, on May 19. We need leaders like Pat during these difficult times! Pat is a leader that cares.

Sharon Marchelya
Williamsburg Resident

I strongly encourage the city of Williamsburg voters to vote for Pat Dent in the City Council election.

I have known Pat for more than 20 years and worked for him for seven years. I have found him to be a caring, compassionate, and intelligent individual who is willing to listen to all sides of an issue. Most importantly, he keeps an open mind and possesses an innate ability to make the right decision for the greater good.

Pat served tirelessly as Williamsburg’s fire chief and coordinator of emergency management for the last 10 years. He is a man of service and integrity, who truly wants the best for the city of Williamsburg.

As a member of the Williamsburg City Council, I know Pat will continue to serve with the same energetic passion he exhibits in all of his endeavors.

Eric Stone
Retired Battalion Chief/Williamsburg Fire Department

I have personally been associated with Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services in the City of Williamsburg since coming to Williamsburg Community Hospital Emergency Department in 1976 and until I retired in 2018 from Sentara Urgent Care.

During those 42 years, we depended on those services to deliver prompt, efficient, and effective medical care to this community. We all evolved over this time but a turning point, in polished professionalism, was when Pat Dent came in 2009 and assumed the helm of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services in the city of Williamsburg. During this time and since my retirement, I have interacted with Pat Dent not only professionally but also in our local Neighborhood Watch as well as the Neighborhood Response Team.

He has sat in on work session of the City Council as well as the meetings of the same since 2009. That tenure is longer than any current sitting council member.

He has been and is a true servant of this community. He is without conflict, having no business interest, owning no property other than his residence in Williamsburg. He offers himself to serve the city of Williamsburg, yet again, with years of institutional knowledge and experience.

Join me in bringing him into the City Council with your vote and support.

Steven Cummings, MD
Williamsburg Resident

I am writing in support of Pat Dent’s candidacy for Williamsburg City Council. While I retired from
Williamsburg Fire Department prior to Pat’s term there, I had numerous opportunities during his tenure
to work with him during Emergency Operations Center activations. His strong leadership and vision
piloted Williamsburg through several Federally declared disasters and enabled Williamsburg Fire
Department to achieve a much-improved Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating of 2, paving the way for
potential lower fire insurance rates for City residents. He explored creative methods for expanding
staffing in a difficult economy and saw the approval of a second fire station to serve the citizens of and
visitors to Williamsburg. Pat clearly respects the value of tax dollars and possesses the creativity needed
to succeed under adverse circumstances.


Historically, the fire service has been the “go-to” source for solving unusual and difficult problems.
Whenever odd or unique situations arise that don’t fit the normal responses, the solution has always
been to “call the fire department”. As we emerge from the gloom of this current crisis Pat’s leadership,
vision, and problem-solving ability will be critical to the social and economic recovery needed to restore
Williamsburg to a safe, beautiful, livable city of historic and academic renown.
Whether you vote in person or by absentee ballot, I urge you to cast your vote for Pat Dent for
Williamsburg City Council. We will need his leadership to recover from our current situation.

Charles (Chuck) White, Jr.
EMS Captain (retired)/Williamsburg Fire Department

I am writing to endorse Pat Dent for the Williamsburg City Council.  I was privileged to begin my relationship with the City of Williamsburg Fire Department in 1996 as a volunteer paramedic/firefighter, and continue to provide paramedic continuing education classes to the department.  I met Pat when he first became Fire Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator in 2009, and have found him to be a caring and bright person. 

My professional role is the Vice-President of Emergency Management and Safety for the largest not-for-profit healthcare system in the country with over 151 hospitals and 2,700 sites of care across 21 states.  In this role, I’ve been honored to work on national level projects such as community mental health issues, use of Emergency Medical Services to extend our community healthcare systems, and response to active shooter events.  Pat has been a key colleague on these projects, as his experience, insights, and compassion for our communities is essential to creating and maintaining sustainable programs.  As the country now responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded that we need government leaders to help our communities calmly and thoughtfully get through this disaster in a clear and meaningful way. 

Pat is that leader.  Whether a pandemic, hurricane, snowstorm, or local issues of growth, sustainability, or budgets, Pat Dent is someone that Williamsburg can count on.

Scott Cormier 

Former Paramedic/Williamsburg Volunteer Fire Department

Leadership has been well accomplished. This is a banner call for the election of Paul Freiling to the Williamsburg City Council.

Our mayor has lead council through tremendous changes during his time in office. Freiling carefully analyzes matters brought before the council to a proper conclusion. Remember Williamsburg is in constant change in finance, housing, tourism, arts, entertainment, and retail. He deeply cares about the welfare of our community and makes changes as needed.

To assist I also recommend the reelection of Barb Ramsey, a proven community leader. To round out the voting cycle, I recommend retired Williamsburg Fire Chief Pat Dent. Dent will become a new member with many years of experience in local government.

Please vote for this great combination. Thanks.

Ike Sisane
Williamsburg Resident

I strongly encourage City of Williamsburg voters to vote for Pat Dent in the May 5 City Council election.

I have known Pat for more than 20 years and worked for him for seven years. I have found him to be a caring, compassionate and intelligent individual who is willing to listen to all sides of an issue. Most importantly, he keeps an open mind and possesses an innate ability to make the right decision for the greater good.

Pat served tirelessly as Williamsburg’s Fire Chief and Coordinator of Emergency Management for the last 10 years. He is a man of service and integrity, who truly wants the best for the city of Williamsburg. As a member of the Williamsburg City Council, I know Pat will continue to serve with the same energetic passion he exhibits in all of his endeavors.

Eric Stone
Retired Battalion Chief /Williamsburg Fire Department 

"Dear Mr. Dent,

The York County / City of Williamsburg / City of Poquoson / James City County Professional Fire Fighters, Paramedics and 911 Dispatchers completed their endorsement processes for the City of Williamsburg City Council Elections 2020. You have earned our unanimous endorsement. 

On behalf of IAFF Local 2498 President Don Dinse, Vice President Henry, our 19 Officer Executive Board, our over 250 members and thousands of family members, I congratulate you on your endorsement."


Paul Burnette, Chairman
Legislative/Political Action Committee Chairman

"Rarely does one have the opportunity to meet and become acquainted with an individual who has made a career of sacrifice and service far beyond the norm and yet continues a desire to make additional contributions to his community and the citizens of Williamsburg. A true American Patriot, Retired Williamsburg Fire Department Chief Pat Dent is just such an individual."

Julius (Bill) Dell
City of Williamsburg Resident

"I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for William “Pat” Dent for Williamsburg City Council. As the retired Williamsburg Fire Chief, Pat is a skilled administrator and strong leader. He knows the City and its people. Pat was instrumental in running the city’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) which trains community volunteers in a FEMA program for community disaster preparedness. As a member of CERT for many years, I have had the opportunity to experience and observe first hand his leadership and sound judgment making decisions to benefit the City.  His expertise and familiarity with the City make him an exceptional choice for City Council, and I encourage your support for Pat Dent."

Jim Ramage
City of Williamsburg Resident

"My name is George J. Barnett.  I write in support of Pat Dent who is running for one of three Williamsburg City Council seats to be decided by the May 5th, 2020 election.  Pat has served in local government for 38 years and the last ten years as the Williamsburg Fire Chief.  In his position as Fire Chief, he worked closely with our local government officials to enhance the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) programs within our nine community sectors in the City of Williamsburg.  I feel Pat is well qualified and has the knowledge, skills and professional understanding of how local government can work to enhance the quality of life for all our citizens of the City of Williamsburg.  I wish to offer Pat my full support to use his broad experience to help guide Williamsburg into the future."

George J. Barnett
City of Williamsburg Resident


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